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left 4 dead voice commands

In random on December 21, 2009 at 5:11 am

while searching the vast expanse of the internet in search of a list of voice commands for left 4 dead, i was disappointed by the lack of a complete list. so, i thought, why not just copy/paste them all and make my own? exactly.

to bind a vocalization to a key, (so that when you press the specified key, it activates the voice command, like how pressing ‘r’ will reload your weapon), enter the following code into your console, or add it to your autoexec.cfg:


so, for example, entering

bind “q” “Vocalize PlayerDeath”

will have your character scream when you press the ‘q’ key.

to use two simultaneous actions (like laughing while reloading), use the following code:


so, like i exampled above, to laugh while reloading ammo, use this code:

bind “r” “+reload;Vocalize PlayerLaugh”

jump to the commands.

  • Vocalize CallForRescue : the calling for help heard when a survivor is trapped in a closet (e.g. “I can’t see a damn thing in here, let me out!”)
  • Vocalize EatPills : the sound after consuming pills (e.g. “Ahhh”)
  • Vocalize elevator_conversation : the conversation heard during no mercy’s elevator ride (e.g. “I can’t get over how fast they all are; it’s not even fair. They’re not allowed to be that fast.”)
  • Vocalize EmphaticArriveRun : a yell to the other players to run (e.g. “RUN!”)
  • Vocalize PlayerAlertGiveItem
  • Vocalize PlayerAreaClear
  • Vocalize PlayerAskReady
  • Vocalize PlayerChoke
  • Vocalize PlayerCoverMe
  • Vocalize PlayerDeath
  • Vocalize PlayerFollowMe
  • Vocalize PlayerFriendlyFire : the exclamation of friendly fire (e.g. “Ow, stop it!”)
  • Vocalize PlayerHealing : the player alerting others they’ve stopped to heal (e.g. “Cover me; gonna heal.”)
  • Vocalize PlayerHealingOther
  • Vocalize PlayerHelp : an incapacitated player’s call for help (e.g. “A little help, please!”)
  • Vocalize PlayerHurrah : a positive remark towards another player, like headshotting a special infected (e.g. “You people are getting good.”)
  • Vocalize PlayerHurryUp
  • Vocalize PlayerImWithYou
  • Vocalize PlayerIncapacitated : a player’s cry of alert when incapacitated (e.g. “Dammit, I’m down!”)
  • Vocalize PlayerIncoming : an alert to an incoming horde (e.g. “Here they come!”)
  • Vocalize PlayerKillThatLight
  • Vocalize PlayerLaugh : a chuckle or hearty laugh
  • Vocalize PlayerLeadOn
  • Vocalize PlayerLedgeHangEnd
  • Vocalize PlayerLedgeHangMiddle
  • Vocalize PlayerLedgeHangStart
  • Vocalize PlayerLedgeSave
  • Vocalize PlayerLedgeSaveCritical
  • Vocalize PlayerLookOut
  • Vocalize PlayerMoveOn
  • Vocalize PlayerNegative
  • Vocalize PlayerNiceJob
  • Vocalize PlayerNiceShot
  • Vocalize PlayerNo
  • Vocalize PlayerReviveFriend
  • Vocalize PlayerSorry
  • Vocalize PlayerSpotAmmo
  • Vocalize PlayerSpotFirstAid
  • Vocalize PlayerSpotGrenade
  • Vocalize PlayerSpotPill
  • Vocalize PlayerStayTogether
  • Vocalize PlayerTaunt
  • Vocalize PlayerThanks
  • Vocalize PlayerVomitInFace
  • Vocalize PlayerWaitHere
  • Vocalize PlayerWarnBoomer
  • Vocalize PlayerWarnCareful
  • Vocalize PlayerWarnHunter
  • Vocalize PlayerWarnSmoker
  • Vocalize PlayerWarnTank
  • Vocalize PlayerWarnWitch
  • Vocalize PlayerWatchOutBehind : an alert to another survivor that an infected is approaching from behind (e.g. “Behind you!”)
  • Vocalize PlayerYes
  • Vocalize PlayerYouAreWelcome
  • Vocalize ResponseSoftDispleasureSwear
  • Vocalize ReviveMeInterrupted : when an incapped player is being revived but is dropped mid-revive (e.g. “Dammit!”)
  • Vocalize ScenarioJoin
  • Vocalize smartlook : player points out whatever he/she is looking at (e.g. “I’ve got a pipe bomb over here!”)
  • Vocalize YouWelcome

the following are character-specific commands, which is to say only the character listed may use them with a result. note that these commands are more specific than the previous. these are still under the vocalize command, so to use one, for instance, you need simply enter the following example for zoey:

Vocalize ConceptBlock032

to hear zoey exclaim “open the goddamn door!”


  • Airport04_08a : “What did I tell ya? They’re trying to stop people from leaving.”
  • Airport04_08c : “Christ almighty.”
  • DontBeAnAss : “Don’t be an ass, Francis.”
  • Farm02_path01a : “Damn straight.”
  • Farm05_path07b : “Settle down Francis, just use that radio; they’ll come.”
  • Farm05_path09c : “They honest to god military.”
  • FarmvampiresB : “They’re zombies, Francis.”
  • Hospital02_path03b1 : “Gotta find another way!” or “This seem too easy.”
  • Hospital02_path03c1 : “Gonna have to go topside.”
  • Hospital04_path01a : “I’ve smelled worse.”
  • IntroFarm3 : “We just need to find the train tracks and follow ‘em.”
  • IntroFarm4 : “Alrighty.”
  • IntroHospital : His opening speech at the beginning of No Mercy campaign
  • IntroHospital03 : “Might not be a bad idea to get off the street.” or “Good thinking.”


  • Airport04_08a : “Bill, I was the one who said that..”
  • Airport04_08b : “Holy shit” or “That sounds about right!”
  • Farm05_path09c : “Shit, never thought I’d go looking for the military”
  • RiversideIsDeadSpecialA : “That’s better than MY plan.”
  • Smalltown02_path01a : “How the hell do you know that?”
  • Smalltown04_path05a : “I’m coming for ya Bill, keep your beard on.”
  • Airport04_vana : “I hate vans.”
  • IntroHospital02 : “I hate subways.”
  • AynRandResponse : “I hate Ayn Rand.”
  • ConceptBlock009 : “Let’s see, I’m Francis and that’s Grandpa Bill and THERE’S ZOMBIES OUT HERE OPEN THE GODDAMN DOOR.”
  • ConceptBlock023 : “We’re cops, open up!”
  • ConceptBlock040 : “Listen candy pants, we can make you open that goddamn door.”
  • ConceptBlock044 : “Aw hell, everybody but us is either a zombie or an asshole.”
  • ConceptBlock049 : “WHAHT?”
  • ConceptBlock517 : “Uh, hello?”
  • ConceptBlock527 : “Attention Boat Owner, we are… the cops. I command you to pick us up.”
  • ConceptBlock558 : “Have a heart, we have a helpless old man with us.”
  • ConceptBlock596 : “Attention Army, this is… the cops.”
  • ConceptBlock607 : “What if just your beard starts to turn? Can I shoot that?”
  • ConceptBlock629 : “Whatever you say, Professor Monster.”
  • ConceptBlock632 : “Most people do anything if a cop tells them to. Trust me.”
  • ConceptBlock633 : “Trust me.”
  • ConceptBlock635 : “Hey, look on the bright side. If you don’t make it, I’ll still be really handsome.”
  • ConceptBlock637 : “Long enough to know you have a pretty mouth.”
  • ConceptBlock697 : “Whatever.”
  • ConceptBlock709 : [I hate everything but vests.]
  • ConceptBlock710 : [Same as above but starts later.]
  • ConceptBlock712 : “You know what I don’t hate? I don’t hate vests.”
  • ConceptBlock721 : “Hahaha, go to hell.”


  • Airport04_05a – “No way, man.”, “Not a chance!”, “Oh no ain’t no damn way!”
  • Airport04_08b – “Holy shit!” or “You’re joking, right?”
  • Farm01_path03a – “I bet your country ass does love this trailer!”
  • Farm03_path01a – “Stay positive guys, I got a good feelin’ about this.”
  • Hospital02_path03a1 – “Alright no problem, now we just gotta get out of the subway.”
  • Hospital03_path03a1 – “Hurry!” or “Hurry up!”
  • Hospital04_path02a – “Stairs are a good workout.” or “It’s good for you, Bill. Cardio!”
  • Hospital04_path04a – “Elevator here!” or “Get into the elevator!”
  • Hospital05_path01b – “Works for me.”
  • IntroFarm4 – “Sounds good to me.”
  • IntroHospital – “The subway can take us straight to Mercy Hospital.”
  • RiversideIsDead – “Riverside’s a bust.”
  • RiversideIsDeadB – “If we can get to the river, we can find a boat.”
  • Smalltown02_path01b – “Interesting true story, in 1975 the local township–”
  • Smalltown02_path08a – “That’ll seal the lock.”


  • ConceptBlock642 : “Oops, sorry!”
  • ConceptBlock037 : “What a dick.”
  • ConceptBlock647 : “Game over, man! Game over!”
  • TakeShotgunGroovyZoey : “Groovy!”
  • BounceReaction : “Yeah, yeah I’m ready to bounce.”
  • ConceptBlock032 : “Open the goddamn door!”
  • ConceptBlock035 : “What?”
  • ConceptBlock620 : “You’re an optimist, I’ll give ya that, Louis.”
  • ConceptBlock649 : (short laugh)
  • ConceptBlock654 : “So, um… yeah.”
  • ConceptBlock657 : “Louis (laugh).”
  • ConceptBlock661 : “(hearty laugh)”

if you’re like me, you’ve probably tried a bunch of stuff out, only to find you’ve bound something new over an important key (shoot, reload, strafe, etc). in the event of such an emergency, here’s a list of what the keys are originally bound to.

  • bind “ESCAPE” “cancelselect”
  • bind “`” “toggleconsole”
  • bind “START” “gameui_activate”
  • bind “TAB” “+showscores” : shows the score(s)
  • bind “SPACE” “+jump” : jump
  • bind “0” “slot10” : primary weapon
  • bind “1” “slot1” : pistol(s)
  • bind “2” “slot2” : grenade
  • bind “3” “slot3” : health/med kit
  • bind “4” “slot4” : pain pills
  • bind “5” “slot5”
  • bind “6” “slot6”
  • bind “7” “slot7”
  • bind “8” “slot8”
  • bind “9” “slot9”
  • bind “a” “+moveleft”
  • bind “d” “+moveright”
  • bind “e” “+use”
  • bind “f” “impulse 100” : toggle flashlight on/off
  • bind “h” “motd” : view the server information
  • bind “m” “chooseteam” : choose team in versus mode
  • bind “c” “+voicerecord” : use microphone
  • bind “q” “lastinv”
  • bind “r” “+reload”
  • bind “s” “+back”
  • bind “t” “impulse 201” : spray graffiti
  • bind “u” “messagemode2” : send a message to your team (survivors/infected)
  • bind “w” “+forward”
  • bind “x” “+mouse_menu QA” : open question/answer menu
  • bind “y” “messagemode” : send a chat message
  • bind “z” “+mouse_menu Orders” : voice command menu
  • bind “CTRL” “+duck”
  • bind “SHIFT” “+speed” : walk
  • bind “F1” “Vote Yes”
  • bind “F2” “Vote No”
  • bind “F5” “jpeg” : take screenshot
  • bind “MWHEELDOWN” “invnext”
  • bind “MWHEELUP” “invprev”
  • bind “MOUSE1” “+attack” : shoot
  • bind “MOUSE2” “+attack2” : melee
  • bind “MOUSE3” “+zoom” : scope on hunting rifle

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